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About Us

Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D Printing, or Rapid Prototyping ) is an exciting and rapidly growing field of technological innovation. Here at AM-MARKT we are offering a market place for this technology.

Our ambition is to act as a on-line market place for buyers and sellers who are involved in this fascinating and immensely useful industry.

We wish to offer owners of used machines, materials and spare parts a forum to meet those wishing to purchase.

We will soon introduce a cost-&-technology comparison page for those wishing to buy new machines and materials. Over the coming months we will add information and links about new equipment , vendors and resellers.

There are now hundreds of Companies and academic institutions operating a wide variety of Additive Manufacturing equipment throughout the world. One of the amazing things about this technology is the simplicity of the machines which create the components. Often there are few moving parts, and old machines, whilst slower than there new counterparts, can still have the capability of manufacturing very good parts.

If you have a requirement for a used AM machine, a need for materials, or are looking for service support, please take a few moments to explore our site. If you are interested in selling a pre-owned machine, materials or indeed have serives to seel, we would be very pleased to hear from you via our contacts page.

For all of our Terms and Conditions, please see here.

We also provide news, information about up-coming events related to AM and links to useful sources of information. In the coming weeks we will expand our site by add a library of useful information, concerning the equipment and techniques involved in AM.