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Are adverts on AM-MARKT free?

No. All advertising is purchased in periods of 30 days, nominally one month. Once purchase no refunds are possible.The costs of our adverts are shown HERE

What can I buy or sell on AM-MARKT?

You can sell any recognised new or used Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) machine. You can also sell new or used materials which are used by such machines, new or used spare parts for these machines as well as services relating to machine maintenance.

What cannot be sold via AM-MARKT?

You must not sell any items which are unsafe to use, which have been stolen, which you do not have the right to sell. You must not use misleading or inaccurate information in any advertisement placed on AM-MARKT. Equipment which would not be considered to be within the family of Additive Manufacturing machinery.

How do I use AM-MARKT?

Buying: Look through the adverts to see what interest you. If you find something on which you would like to make an offer, simply click on the ‘Contact Seller’ button and you will be able to sned a message to the seller, either as an offer, or requesting further information. It is the Seller’s responsibility to respond. AM-MARKT offers no guarantees that a Seller will accept your offer.

Selling: Should you wish to sell an item, please create an account (if you do not already have one) and log in. Navigate to the appropriate Selling page (machinery, materials, spare parts etc.) and complete the form. Once submitted, one of our Sales Team will contact you to confirm details and take payment. Once the payment has been made, the advert will be placed.

What if I need to Contact AM-MARKT?

You can email us via our contact link HERE, or telephone us on 01494 784533.

Can I advertised used equipment or materials on AM-MARKT?

Yes, provided they are in a safe condition and you clearly state the condition they are in when advertising them.

I have a service which I would like to offer but it is not listed. How do I see if it can be advertised?

Please contact us HERE and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

How do I post an Ad?

Basic information on how to post an Ad can be found HERE and more details are HERE

How long will my Ad last?

All adverts are posted for a period of 30 days. Should the site be ‘off line’ for a period, this time will not be included in the allotted 30 day period. Ads can be renewed (for an additional fee) for as long as you wish. Long term advertising can be arranged, at favourable advertising rates)

I want to sell new equipment, is that possible?

Vendors and resellers of new equipment are welcome. Please contact us if you wish to advertise several new items.

Can I place a photo with my advert?

Yes. Please see HERE for more details.

How should I choose which categories I should use?

Categories are pretty self explanatory. We offer four categories, machines, materials for the machines (such as powders or resins) spare parts for machines and also services relating to maintenance, design and support of machines. If you are unsure as to which category to use, please contact us HERE

How can I ask a question?

You can contact us HERE or on 01494 784533

If my item sells very quickly, can I get a refund?

No. You fee pays for placing the advert, which is made available on the Internet for a period of 30 days. Should you sell you item within the 30 day period, the advert should be taken down. No fraction of the original payment will be returned.

Can AM-MARKT sell my item for me?

Normally you will be responsible for the sale of your goods or services, and you alone will be responsible to the person or persons who purchase your goods. However, we do offer an alternative service for sellers who wish to remain anonymous whereby we act as you agent, and maintain, as far as possible, your anonymity. However, our fees for this service are levied on an entirely different basis from those stated here and they will be related to the selling price of the machine. If you are interested, please contact us HERE to discuss this service.