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Terms and Conditions

S1. Definitions

The SELLER of the web based advertising space is PTL.

The BUYER is the customer of the advertising space.

The Contract shall mean the Contract between the BUYER and the SELLER consisting of the Purchase Order, the advertising information and special conditions and any documents (or parts thereof) specified in the Purchase Order. Should there be any inconsistency between the documents comprising Contract, they shall have precedence in the terms and conditions herein listed.

S2. Conditions

The seller accepts only in accordance with the following terms. Any form of acceptance by us shall be subject to these terms and conditions only.

S3. Quotations

Quotations will be prepared from the information in the seller’s possession. When further information is given after the date of quotation or if this information is found to be inaccurate, the seller reserves the right to re-estimate the price and delivery. Quotations unless previously withdrawn shall be valid for a period not exceeding 21 days from the date thereon. No orders shall be deemed accepted unless the seller’s written acknowledgement and acceptance thereof has been dispatched.

S4. Prices

Prices quoted reflect conditions and costs prevailing at the time when the seller’s estimation department prepared the quotation and are subject to revision at the time of placing an order should these conditions have altered. Prices are EX WORKS unless otherwise stated. Prices quoted do not include Value Added Tax, which will be added at the time of invoicing. The seller reserves the right to revise the price in the event of increases in the cost of materials, services and labour during progress of work.

S5. Terms of Payment

Final payments must be made within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

S6. Delivery and Completion

Adverts will only be placed upon payment. Unless specifically stated in the quotation, any advert will remain on the site for a period of 30 days from the start date, unless the BUYER wishes it removed. Once an advert is made available via the AM-MARKT web site, the entire monthly fee is taken, even if the BUYER decides to remove the advert after a period which is less than 30 days. The prices quoted reflect conditions and costs, prevailing at the time when our estimating department prepares the quotation and are subject to revision at the time of placing an order should these conditions have altered.

Advertising start and completion dates are not guaranteed. The seller accepts no responsibility for consequent loss from delaying delivery and completion.

S7. Location and Timing of Advertisements

All adverts will be made available on the AM-MARKT web site, and will remain there for a period of at least 30 days. The BUYER has the option of renewing the advert at each 30 days completion.

The 30 day advertising period only includes time when the AM-MARKT web site is active and accessible on the Internet. Any period of time where, for whatever reason, the AM-MARKT web site is not available, will not be included in the advert timing period.

Adverts will only be made accessible on the AM-MARKT web site following the receipt of payment for the advert. This will be done s quickly as is possible during normal business hours of work (9.00 am – 5.00 pm GMT).

S8. Content of Adverts

Anything which is stated in an advert must be true. The BUYER agrees, implicitly as a consequence of paying for the advert that no falsehoods about the type, condition, ownership or location of the item or items to be advertised on the AM-MARKT web site will be made. The BUYER also agrees to indemnify AM-MARKT and PTL from any action which may arise as a consequence of presenting false information in an advert..

Furthermore, the BUYER undertakes not to include information in their advertisement which may be considered as offensive to others who are able to read it.

S9. Accuracy of Advertised Content

PTL and the AM-MARKT web site make no warranty that the contents of any advert are correct. Advertisements are placed by independent parties, and whilst PTL makes efforts to ensure information is correct, no guarantees are made. The purchase of any item which is advertised on the AM-MARKT web site is a transaction which occurs without any assurances from PTL or AM-MARKT web site and is a transaction which occurs only between the owner of the advertised item(s) and the prospective purchaser of those items.

All purchasers and vendors of items advertised on the AM-MARKT web site undertake transactions at their own risk.

S10. Cost of Debt Recovery

The BUYER accepts that the seller will pass on to the BUYER all reasonable costs incurred in the recovery of any outstanding Monies owed by the BUYER to the seller.

S11. Terms of Payment

The SELLER undertakes to provide the advertising web space in accordance with the instructions and specifications submitted by the BUYER or prepared by the seller for the BUYER and approved by him. The advertised details are solely the responsibility of the BUYER. The SELLER is not liable for any failing in the goods and services advertised due to any shortcomings in the specifications or other information provided. Changes to an existing advert may be the subject of an additional charge. The SELLER accepts no responsibility for damage or consequent loss arising from the advertised goods, services or materials.

Any errors in advertised information, which has arise as a fault of the AM-MARKT web site or its staff must be notified to the SELLER in writing (including email) within 24 hours of the presentation on the web of the advertisement after which period, the SELLER’s liability will cease. Recommendations made by the SELLER concerning information to be contained within adverts are believed to be reliable but the SELLER makes no warranty of results.

The SELLER will endeavour to store advertised information for a period of 3 months after the completion of any advertising period, so that adverts can easily be replaced. After that time information may be destroyed at the discretion of the SELLER. No liability for the loss of the information stored, whether the loss is caused by accident or error will be accepted. Copies of the information contained in adverts, after the advertising period has completed may be supplied to the BUYER at the discretion of the SELLER. Such copies may be charged for.

The Intellectual Property contained within the AM-MARKT web site is the property of the SELLER and he SELLER reserves the right not to disclose techniques, knowhow and processes of how the AM-MARKT web site operates.

At the time of Purchase the BUYER will be required to give a written indemnity to the SELLER releasing him from responsibility of any transactions which may arise from the sale of the advertised goods, materials or services purchased on the AM-MARKT web site.

S12. Cancellation or Suspension

Orders accepted by the SELLER can be cancelled or suspended only with the SELLER’s written consent and the BUYER will be liable for all expenditure incurred and on terms which indemnify the SELLER against all loss, including loss of contribution for underutilised capability.

S13. Transfer of Orders

For the purpose of the sale of advertising space on the AM-MARKT web site, The SELLER’s liability is restricted solely to the BUYER from whom the SELLER accepts an order.

S14. Force Majeure

The SELLER shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil obligations under this contract if such failure is attributable to force majeure.

S15. Arbitration

At the written request of either party, dispute of difference arising from the contract shall be referred to an arbitrator mutually agreed by the parties.

S16. Copyright

The copyright of any information, images, pictures or moving images, remains with the BUYER, however, implicit in the action of placing an advert, the BUYER provides permission to AM-MARKT and PTL to show this information on the AM-MARKT web site for the purpose and duration of supporting the BUYER’s advert ONLY. No permanent rights in the material will be conferred to the AM-MARKT web site or PTL.

S17. Law

These terms and all other express conditions of the contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England.